Medical Lab in Trinity, Texas

No need to travel a long distance when you need medical lab services in Trinity. MidCoast's on-site laboratory is committed to serving patients with timely, professional, and compassionate care. Our laboratory returns results on 90 percent of tests within 24 hours of service.

MidCoast Medical Center Trinity is also a collection site for national reference labs; any test not performed on site will be referred to one of our reference lab.

MidCoast is committed to accuracy and efficiency in providing test results.


Medical Laboratory Services Offered at MidCoast Medical Center in Trinity

Laboratory services at MidCoast Medical Center Trinity include, but are not limited to:

  • Chemistry (CMP, lipid, liver profile, renal panel)
  • Hematology (CBC, SED rate)
  • Coagulation (PT, PTT)
  • Urinalysis
  • Microbiology (urine cultures, wound cultures, and blood cultures)
  • Immunology / Serology (Testing for mono, pregnancy testing, strep throat screening, flu screening, RSV testing and more.)
  • Special chemistry (cardiac, digoxin, phenytoin, depakote, carbamazepine, vancomycin and more).

Quality Assurance

The MidCoast Medical Center Trinity Lab is accredited by COLA, which abides by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment guidelines. All test results are monitored for reliability, precision, and accuracy through both internal and external quality control programs by registered MTs, MLTs, and Laboratory Assistants.

Pathology Services

MidCoast Medical Center Trinity patients may receive care from our Pathologist. If so, please note that they are independent and bill separately.